Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Catch Up.....

I'm a year old!!!!!! Can you believe it? Mommy sure can't. I have grown up so much since the last time we talked. Here are the highlights of my summer.

I took my first road trip to Texas at the begining of June. Thirteen hours one way! It was exhausting. But I did really well. We took plenty of breaks, and as long as I had my blankey tag, I was just fine. My cousin Destiny did a great job entertaining me in the back seat. And my MeeMaw and PawPaw sure feel in love with me. I wowed them with all I can do, and oh the kisses and rock-a-byes on MeeMaw's chest. I really enjoyed my visit.

Not long after we got back from Texas mommy decided it was time for my first hair cut. I kinda got some comments about how long it was while we were in Texas, hint hint. So mommy took the leap and we got out the clippers! I was very patient and didn't mind it at all. But mommy soon realized I look like a little man, not a baby anymore.

I was working really hard at walking before we went to Texas. I can now say I walk all the time. I finally built up my courage and started walking around about 2 weeks ago. I have 5 teeth on top and the 2 lonely ones on the bottom. I now weigh about 26lbs. I haven't put on much weight, but I sure have gotten taller, 31" now! If I stretch I can touch the door knobs. I'm also a little climber.

Life is good and I am into everything. Mom is one of my new favorite words. I'm getting smarter every day, and there is always something new to learn.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Movin' and Cruzzin'

Hi guys! I'm growing, growing, growing, like a weed. Life has been busy. I'm all over the place, I'm only still when I'm sleeping. And most of the time, not even then. I'm a little wiggle worm.

I have my two bottom teeth, and my top two I think will be popping through soon. I have been really clingy and wanting my top gummes rubbed for the last two days.

My cousin Bubba turns a year old on Monday and tomorrow is his birthday party. He is a year old already. It is pretty unbelievable. I'll be one soon, and it kinda freaks mommy out. She doesn't think I should be so big so soon.

Here are a few pics. Momma let me have a jelly biscuit a last sunday. I was kinda upset that everyone else was sitting around the table eating breakfast, so momma let me join in. I'm really starting to expand my eating habits. I also had some cantaloupe, ohhhh how I loved it. It was straight to the bath after though.

We love all and hope everyone is doing well. Be looking forward to Bubba's birthday pics.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ohhh So Long......But Here I Am

Mommy sincerely apologizes for my delay in blogging. I haven't quite made the last month easy on my mommy. I have been teething. I broke my first tooth around the first week of February and the second one broke through this past week. I have my two bottom teeth....yea!!!!!!! Needles to say I have been extremely fussy and so very clingy.

Well besides my new teeth, I have been a very busy little man. Aside from being the fastest little crawler around, I am pulling up on every thing and cruzing around the furniture. I'm learning the best way to get off the couch is "Feet First". Can you say, "Baby Proofing". I sure can't but I know I try to get everything in site!

I've had some bumps and bruises from my learning and exploring. I love the hardwood floor, and pushing around a 12pk of Cokes is one of my favorite exercises. I'm a little He-Man. I like to push around the kitchen chairs, I love to help load the dishwasher, and these days I'm walking my walker.

We had the biggest snow in years here in Memphis this past weekend. We got a little more than a foot of snow. Mommy didn't take me out, she got my first snow pic during the first snow we had back in January. She figured she wouldn't torture me with that snow suit this go around, so I just peaked out the window as Mommy, Uncle Nate, and Destiny made a very big snowman. Nana took beautiful pictures and Mommy got a Snow Day from work last Sunday to cuddle with me all day.

I got new clothes for spring the other day. It excited Mommy, she picked me out such cute clothes. I'm almost 8months old, so mommy picked out 18month cloths so they would be with me throughout the summer. Needless to say I was able to wear one of my shorts outfits today. That would be because we went from snow and freezing temps on
Tuesday to 70's yesterday and today.

Well, we love all and we hope you enjoy my new pics. And I promise we will get back to blogging on a regular basis. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lots of Firsts to Discuss

Sorry it has been so long. Mommy sincerely apologizes.

We have a lot to catch up on. I started crawling around the second week of this month. I had my 6 month check up on the 19th. Here's the run down:

Weight: 20lbs 8oz in the 90%
Height: 28in in the 95%
and my head is in the 70% (mommy forgot the exact measurement)

So there's my updates. I finally started going forward and now I am crawling all over the place. The whole world is a new place. Mommy has caught me pulling up a couple of times, I'm still kinda unsure about it. I have my first little bruises on my little head. Crawling comes with a bunch of bumps, and I'm sure many more bruises.

Life has been pretty routine and laid back lately. Cousin Jonathan spent a few days at the hospital with a very bad viral infection, but he fought it off really quickly and is doing much, much better. The family is doing great, everyone is enjoying my milestones.

I started trying some Gerber dinners with meat in them. I'm not so crazy about most of it yet, but I do love the chicken. My Nana gets a kick out of me eating. I end up with food all over my face. And Sunday's are made for kicking back and watching football with Uncle Nate.

We got away for a little this weekend. We staying the night with Aunt Krista, Uncle John, and Brianna. We have had quite a nice visit. Every place is something new and now that I'm crawling it is all that more fun and interesting.

Well, here are some pics my Aunt Krista took. And I promise I will start giving Mommy some time to update my page more often. We have just been so very busy lately. And on top of everything else I'm teething, my doctor said my bottom two will definitely be coming in soon. So I have been awfully fussy for the past week.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Fun

My 1st Christmas went very well. I spent alot of time with family, I was only interested in eating the wrapping paper, and I got alot of new goodies.

This year was easy cause mommy could get me a bunch of necessities. I got new bottles, binkies, my favorite spoons, a neat sipie cup(for later), socks, and a really soft new blankie. But I got toys too!!!! I got my 1st teddy bear, mommy and I made him at Build-a-Bear and we named him Peanut Butter. I got a neat music and shape ball, and my first Tonka truck. It is a really soft plastic so as soon as I stop scooting around and get to really crawling I'll have something to push around. And my Grammy got me a rocking horse that sings, they help me rock for now, but before too long I'll be doing it on my own. My Nana and PawPaw got me this really great sport activity center. I'm learning how to shoot hoops already!!!! And my MeeMaw and PawPaw in Texas sent me some really cute PJ's, I love the lil cowby ones, and MeeMaw made me the most adorable blanket. Aunt Krista got me some really cute jeans and the cutest sleeper, it is knit with light and dark blue strips, and has the sweetest little hoodie.

All in all it was a great first Christmas. Mommy and I spent last Saturday night with Uncle Jack and Aunt Mel. Mommy says I have to get used to being other places. Bubba and I had fun playing together. But he likes to take my binky and make me cry. He doesn't mean to though. And he is a very vocal little boy. Every time he would yell, I would cry. Mommy found it very funny. But wait til I start crawling, maybe then I'll have more fun with Bubba. And Bubba is cruzing around everywhere, and his daddy has even seen him take is 1st steps at only 8 1/2 months!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Here We Are!!!

Sorry it has been so long guys. We have been a pretty busy bunch here. With Santa coming soon, and Thanksgiving out of the way. It just all came so fast.

Thanksgiving went well, but I got pretty upset that I couln't have any of that good, good food. But I have expanded my palet to include veggies. I love sweet potatoes and carrots, I didn't like peas too much, and I tried green beans today, I like them. Bananas are still my favorite fruit though.

I mastered my rolling over skills and now I'm working on crawling. I get up on all fours, but I go backwards. I haven't quite fiqured it all out yet, but momma gives me two more weeks and I'll probally have this crawling thing down. I also like to push my little butt up in the air and stand on my tipie toes. I think this move helps me move forward, but it rarely does. It is so funny to see me do it though.

I learned Thursday that if I put my arms out and look at you very endearinly, I'll get picked up. You can say, "Want to come see me" and I'll through my arms out. I turned 5 months on Monday, Momma says I'm growing up way too fast. And I am. I'm learning so much so quickly. But I'm loving it!!!! and so is mommy and Grammy.

Here are some pics from Thanksgiving. Uncle Jack and cousin Bubba are in some, and so is my Aunt Cree. The family really enjoyed seeing me. And they really loved comparing Bubba and me. He is 8 months now and I am bigger than he is, I'll be handing my clothes down to him instead.

We love you all and we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

My First Trip To The Mall

Saturday I took my first trip to the mall. Nana, Destiny, Mommy, and I made a special trip to meet Santa Clause! I liked him, but I wouldn't smile for my pictures for anything. I loved being there though, there was so much wonderful stuff to look at. I wouldn't even let mommy eat her lunch without me right in her lap. I wanted to eat too, but I had to amuse myself by playing with the table. I also got to ride the carasoul for the first time. It is cousin Destiny's favorite thing to do at the mall. It was ok, I didn't laugh or anything, but I enjoyed it. Mommy forgot how dizy it makes you feel to go around and around while standing up. All in all it was a good day.

After the mall we stopped by mommy work so everyone could see me. Everyone says I'm looking more and more like my mommy everyday.

My Big Boy Blue Jeans

Aunt Krista, Brianna, and Me

Trick or Treat: Fatman Skeleton

Baby's 1st Halloween
Mommy loves this picture of me. I'm in my Baby's 1st Halloween onesie and my new big boy blue jeans. She thinks I look so handsome, but what she loves most is my wide little shoulders. She thinks I have my chest bowed out like, 'What'!

Gimmie That Binky!
Bubba found it amusing that my binky was on a string, and it certianly didn't stop him from trying to get it from me. He practically took my clothes off with it!

Handsom Bubba

Me and My Uncle Chris

Just Playing Around

I Want that Parrot!!!

Bubba and Me
This is my cousin Jonathan, his daddy likes to call him Bubba. Bubba is 3 months older than me, and he gets around like its nothin'. (I'm still learning. I like to sit and pull myself up the most though, I'm not to interested in rolling over yet.) But by Christmas, Bubba and I will be a handfull together. And oh how the family is going to enjoy it.